AVI Video File Repair Software for Windows and Mac

Have your AVI files got corrupted? Are you searching for instant AVI file repair software? Then search no more!  Just continue reading this article to know how to repair AVI files.

What is an AVI File (.avi)?

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. It is the particular type of video file format developed by Microsoft Corporation Ltd. and was introduced in year 1992. It is a multimedia file which consists of audio coding and video coding in a container file with the extension .avi.  AVI format is related with RIFF or Resource Interchange File Format which allows you to edit, capture and play-back audio-video sequences. AVI construction consists of two parts namely header and chunks. Header contains metadata of the file like frame rates, size etc. and chunk contains audio and video information.

What are the Advantages / Disadvantages of AVI File Format?

  • AVI file format is supported by all the popular media players like Windows Media Player, VLC Player and KM Media Player etc.
  • It is one of the most extensively used video formats for recording movies and advertisements due to its high compression.
  • But if you compress an AVI file beyond a size limit, the quality of the video may be greatly affected.
  • Uncompressed AVI files may be large in size.
  • AVI files are extremely prone to corrupt.

How does AVI Files get Corrupted / Damaged?

  • Codec Issue: Codec is program which allows encoding / decoding of the AVI file. Suppose, if you remove one or more installed codecs from your computer, then the AVI file may get corrupted if it played on media player.
  • Transcoding Problem: Suppose you have used an unreliable tool to convert the AVI file from one format to other, it may result in damaged AVI file.
  • Interruption: This is a common mistake done by the user, when an AVI file is getting transferred from different storage device. If you suddenly interrupt the process by any means, that results in corrupting the AVI file.
  • Other Reasons: Interrupting the downloading process, damaging the header of the AVI file, playing the file on an unsupported media player, abrupt shut down of computer etc. might lead to corruption of the AVI file.

Precautions Measures for AVI File:

  • Always use a reliable application for fixing damaged / corrupted .avi files.
  • Never interrupt the downloading process of an AVI file.
  • Never try to uninstall codec from your Computer.

 Salient Features of the AVI File Repairer:

AVI file repair tool can be installed on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It repairs AVI files which are not able to play on all popular media players like Apple quick time player, VLC Media Player, Cyber Link power, Windows Media Player, Nero Power Amp, KM Media Player etc. This tool is efficient of repairing corrupted AVI files that got damaged due to header corruption, file transfer interruption, chunk corruption etc. This utility repair AVI files from memory cards, USB drive, flash drives, SD cards, Multi Media card so on.