Inimitable Tool to Repair Oversized PST Files

PST (Personal Storage Table) file stores all the information related to emails, messages, calendars, tasks, events, notes, appointments, etc within the MS Outlook. This file is used to store achieved files and items in order to maintain offline availability of the items. It has the maximum size limit of 2 GB, a file exceeding this size limit displays an error messages. This error message indicates that PST file has reached maximum size limit. Due to the huge storage of emails and the other items, PST file gets over sized. When the file gets overloaded then it results in corruption of PST file and your entire data will be lost which had been stored on it.

 What makes the PST file to become oversize?

On the daily basis, when you are working on MS Outlook, you send or receive many numbers of emails, calendar entries, make notes, add contacts, schedule meetings, make appointments, etc. After a few months or a year of usage, MS Outlook mailbox gathers huge amount of data and corresponding PST file increases in size. In general for MS Outlook 2002 and the previous version the maximum permissible size limit of the PST file is 2 GB, while it is increased to 20 GB for Outlook 2003 and later to 50 GB for Outlook 2010.

What happens after Oversize PST files and how to solve it?

Because of the size limitation of the PST in earlier version of the MS Outlook there was a size limit of 2 GB. Once the PST file size was approached the file will be just locked. Then often there will be no error messages either and you just stop receiving the emails. This problem seems to be common and to solve this problem you go to file-> data file management and check the size of the PST files. The only solution for this problem is to make use of the repair PST file software that effectively fix the oversized PST files and get back your corrupted files stored on it.

Know how this software works

By using this software you can easily repair an oversized Outlook PST file which has got corrupted when it reaches 2 GB or more than size limit. This software helps to restore corrupted notes, meeting requests, contacts, email messages, attachments, tasks, task requests journals, calendar, appointments etc. You can also repair PST files that cannot be repaired using in-built inbox repair tool available in MS Outlook that is scanpst.exe. Have a look at this site, to get more information about this software.

Some of the tips to overcome oversized PST file issue

  • Always delete unwanted mails and other stored data to decrease the PST file size.
  • Never allow your old format PST file to approach 2 GB.
  • Delete the content from the deleted items folder permanently as all the content which is deleted will be stored on the deleted items folder.
  • Avoid operating large volume of emails.
  • Never store your PST file on a network server or a drive.

Free Version to evaluate the efficiency of this software

You can check out the functionality of this fix PST file software by downloading it from the internet. With this free evaluation you can explore its working, features, functions and ensure if it can effectively repairs PST file. Free demo version allows you to repair PST files but will not let you to save those files on your system. To get the stored files you need to purchase its full licensed version of this software.