MP4 File Repair Software – Fix Corrupted MP4 Video Files

mp4MP4 is one of the most popular digital multimedia file format used across globe to store audio and video along with some other data like still image and subtitle. The official extension of this multimedia file is .mp4. Apart from mp4 there are some other extension of this file such as .m4p and .m4a. Like other file format, MP4 is also allows streaming over internet. Besides these advanced features of MP4 files, these files are highly sensitive toward the corruption. Sometimes, people may face some problems with their MP4 files. At the time of playing a mp4 file, they face problems like video is playing without audio or audio without video. Even sometime these files are denied to play.

Are you facing issue with your MP4 video files on media player during play on media player? Do you want to fix mp4 file? If yes, then read this article because in this post I am describing an advanced way to our solution to repair MP4 video file. Generally there is no manual way to fix corrupted mp4 file. So to repair it, you need an advanced repair program which is capable to fix all mp4 files related issue.

MP4 File Repair program allows you to repair mp4 video file easily.Let us talk about some frequent causes behind MP4 file corruption:

Virus Infection: Viruses are small program specially designed for deletion or damaging the file stored in the storage drives. These viruses enter into the system unknowingly from internet or other external storage device and corrupt the files saved in the system.

Power Surge: During play a mp4 file in the system by using media player, if system shutdown improperly due to power surge, then there may be a chance of mp4 file corruption.

Sudden ejection: When you try to play a mp4 file saved on the external storage drive, If you remove external drive suddenly, then there can be chance of video file damaging.

Header corruption: Every file contains a header which contains the information about the file. If this header gets corrupted due to some reasons, then mp4 file become unplayable.

Memory card corruption: If the memory card gets damaged due to various known or unknown causes, then there may be chance of mp4 file corruption store on that card.

In order to repair mp4 file which can be corrupted due to any causes as mentation above, you can utilize MP4 File Repair tool. This hassle free application supports to repair mp4 file from various types of memory cards including XD cards, Secure Digital cards, Compact Flash cards, external hard drive, etc. It is read only utility which means it does not modify the original mp4 file, instance of modifying original file it simply creates new file with same name and extract the information from damaged mp4 file and put into new one. During repairing corrupted mp4 file, it first separates both video and audio data stream and later adjoins them to become a suitable video file playable on media player. MP4 file repair tool supports both Windows and Mac based operation system to repair corrupted or damaged mp4 video file.