Software to Undelete Pictures from Memory Card

Memory card is the popular storage device which is very significant in size which is used in portable media devices like digital camera, audio players, camcorders, mobile phones, etc. Due to improper handling of this device there is possibility of losing your favorite pictures from the memory card. Sometimes while viewing some of the pictures from the digital camera you might have accidentally clicked on “delete all” button. Due to this all the files stored on the memory card gets deleted including the most crucial pictures that you stored on the memory card within no time.

Some of the reasons for the deletion of pictures from the memory card

  • Deletion due to corruption: If the file system of the memory card gets corrupted due to any reason like abrupt system shut down, malware invasion, system shut down, etc then there will be chances for the deletion of the pictures from the memory card.
  • Incorrect unplug: If you remove the memory card from the system improperly or from the card reader connected to system during file transfer without using “Safe Remove” option then it results in inaccessibility of the files stored on it.

These are the common reasons for the deletion of the pictures from the memory card. To recover all those deleted pictures you have to make use of the deleted pictures recovery software that recovers all the deleted pictures from the memory card easily.

Some of the features of the recovery tool

  • You can easily recover deleted data from various external hard drive brands like WD, Sony, Seagate, HP etc.
  • It has the ability to recover XD card data after error and retrieve photos of PSD, PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIF, GIF, TIFF, BMP formats.
  • This recovery tool has an In built “Find” aspect of the program helps you to seek a fastidious files on the base of file name, location, size, date of creation and file extension.

Procedure to know how to use this software

  • Log on to the website and download the compatible software. Install and run the software on your system.
  • Select “Recover photos” option and click on “Recover Deleted Photos”.
  • Choose the memory card from which pictures are deleted and click “Next”. Specify the photo file type that you are looking to undelete and click on “Next”
  • Let the software to scan your memory card and click on “Proceed” button. After completion of the scanning process you can see the pictures recovered by the software. Right click and choose “Preview” option to have a look at the recovered pictures before saving.
  • Now choose the pictures that you would like to save and click on “Next”. Windows pops up advising you to save the recovery session. Click “yes” to save the session which helps to avoid rescanning next interval.
  • Browse the location where you would like to save recovered pictures, specify a different destination and click on “Next”
  • After saving software displays folder where the recovered pictures are saved.