Turns Your Charger Cable Into Its Own Battery – Nanotechnology

nanotechnology-safety-120829-677044-In general, copper and other similar materials are excellent conductor. The bond forms between copper atoms to another copper atom are very easy. In copper atom the one hole available for one electron. So another copper item electron fulfills this requirement and make the bond between the atoms. In this way copper atoms connected to each other, due to this copper wire is good electricity conductor. Copper wire is most widely used to transfer electricity because the loss of power in copper wire is very low compared to other metal wires.

On other hand battery is one another thing in our technological world. In this era of technology, every most popular thinks that we are using regularly like laptops, smart phones, and smart watch are ruining with the help of battery. Without battery these thinks are not possible. Generally, batteries are charged by using copper wire. A wire with an external fiber coated is used to charge the battery. In order to replacement of all the batteries none other than copper wires used to charge the device in the very first place. It is a method of electricity storage made possible by a coating of sorts that might one day be portable to fabrics in addition to conventional wires.

In this technology, copper wire first grown outside the copper wire after that it treated with special alloy. In this, the resultant is a fuzz of electrodes coating the wire’s external, or one half of a very odd capacitor. After that, this fuzzy wire is wrapped with a thin sheet of metal, manganese dioxide, that is also made to grow nanowhiskers, but on the inside of the cover facing the copper wire. Now you have two fuzzy sets of nanoscale electrodes facing each other, which is together the basic makings of a super capacitor.

These layers are then stuck together and the result is a copper wire that still conducts electricity but is now coated in a super capacitor capable of storing very large amounts of power. In this processor there is no extra component to charge. As compared to batteries, super capacitors have faster charge and discharge rates, higher power densities, and longer life times. This technology is also being used with new solar panels. But these solar panel batteries are require to store unused power.